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First Time Buyers
Dream with a plan and a deadline

will also lend “Deposits” to First Time Buyers with the 100% financing program.

This transaction is completed differently to Clients who are Selling and Buying property, as the Deposit Advance will only be funded when the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the property that you are buying is NOT CONDITIONAL (FIRM).

We request the Buyer submits $1,000.00 with the Offer, with an added clause that reads as follows:

“The Buyer agrees to pay a further sum of NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS (9,000.00), to the Listing Brokerage in trust, by negotiable cheque, at the time of notification of fulfilment or removal of all conditions, as an additional deposit to be held in trust pending completion or other termination of this Agreement. This amount is to be credited towards the purchase price on completion of this transaction.”


  • Completed application generated online
  • Copy of Purchase & Sales Agreement, including all waivers and amendments
  • Copy of Mortgage Commitment
  • Proof of Closing Costs
  • Two pieces of photo ID, per applicant
  • Signed Deposit Agreement and Promissory Note.

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